How I got into Stanford GSB: MBA Success Story, Real Estate Tech Entrepreneur

Here’s an interesting profile of a real-estate tech entrepreneur who got into Stanford GSB.

Candidate: “I’m a real-estate/tech entrepreneur with a finance undergrad from a well-known ivy league school. Applied to Stanford and a couple of other top schools, matriculating at Stanford, because of the better exposure to tech entrepreneurship.”


Summary: 31 year old American white male, worked for a real estate investment firm and then started his own venture.

1. GMAT: 720
2. GPA: 4.0/4.0
3. Work Experience: Real estate investment firm – 67 months (4 promotions), his own venture – 14 months.
4. Employer: Top investment firm at Chicago.
5. Extra-Curricular: Chaired several startup tech conferences; scuba-diver with 8 year experience, winning pan-American contests; Advocate for ‘Women in the Work-Place’.

Objective: “Transitioning into Venture Capitalism”

Interview: “In the interview we spoke at length about my objective to transition into venture capitalism. It was difficult to explain my objective of ‘transitioning into VC’, but was somehow able to give a convincing conclusion since I had just sold my real estate tech startup.”

How to get into Stanford GSB

Editor’s Analysis: 

This is a great-to-good profile. I have seen several candidates with similar profiles rejected at Stanford GSB. Also you are 31, that’s a little bit in the upper age range for Stan. I think you should consider yourself lucky. There are however some standing points in this profile: 4.0 GPA from an Ivy League school, 8 year scuba-diving experience and a stellar work experience (4 promotions) with a real estate investment firm. 720 GMAT is alright but not too shiny. I also think that your real estate tech firm stood out.

A key takeaway from your experience is again your interview difficulty in explaining your venture capital post-MBA goal. Although I think there were questions on your post-MBA goal, I think it’s a perfectly plausible goal, given that you successfully sold your startup venture and were working in the real estate investment firm. Several candidates write out venture capital in their post-MBA goals, I think they should give a deeper thought to this goal, especially if they are coming from a non-consulting background.


Author: Carl Joey

Carl had quite a successful MBA consulting business, specializing in consulting for the top 10 US schools. Carl was also a well-known expert in coaching aspirants for converting interview invites from top 10 US business schools. Carl has decided to join us and tell all the tricks of his trade. Or at least that's what he says. Carl was Homer's MBA consultant, and helped Homer convert his interview. We have requested Carl to blog anonymously for obvious reasons.