How I got into Wharton: Story of an Equity Trader

In this post we present to you the profile of a candidate successful at Wharton School of Economics. The candidate has also included interview information to benefit our readers.

Candidate: “Hi, I am a 27 years old equity trader. I applied to the UPenn.  Wharton MBA program and several other programs. Finally got an admit at Wharton and Stanford. While both are exceptional schools and it was exceedingly difficult for me to choose between the two, after much thought I chose Wharton since it seemed to have a greater appeal amongst i-bankers.”


Summary: British-Indian female worked as an equity trader for a top i-bank in London. Undergrad from a top Russell League university. 

1. GMAT: 760
2. GPA: First-Class Honors (equivalent of a roughly American 4.0/4.0)
3. Work Experience: Equity trading, 47 months.
4. Employer: Top i-bank in London.
5. Extra-Curricular: Athlete with several top-honors. Member and convener of several charitable societies.

Objective: “Transitioning into PE”

Interview: “The Wharton interview went really well. The interviewer seemed very impressed. I was asked questions about my career and my objectives. Since I also held lots of responsibilities in charitable societies in London, I was asked how I felt about leaving these behind and moving to the US – this was the only difficult question in the interview.”

How to get into Wharton MBA
Signage for the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School stands outside of the new campus in San Francisco, California. Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

Editor’s Analysis: 

Wow! This is a solid solid profile: 760 GMAT, with a British first-class ho,ors from a Russell League university and solid work experience at a top i-bank. Added to that excellent extra-curriculars, this profile would have been difficult for any adcom to turn away. It comes as no surprise that you were selected at both Wharton and Stanford. No more analysis on that here!

An interesting takeaway is an insight into adcom interviews which routinely many fail to convert. It shows how adcoms are going to challenge you, to see in person if you are what you claim to be. From the description of your profile I see that you were pretty much into extra-curriculars, so it was indeed a difficult question for you to answer if you were going to leave all these managerial positions to pursue an MBA. It would have been interesting to see how you answered that question.

Finally, the information that you chose Stanford over Wharton is also a bold stand. Of course both are exceptional schools – its very difficult to choose one over another. But so many others would have made Stanford their choice, as I have routinely seen.

Author: Marge Simpson

Marge is literally the gem in our crown. Marge ran a Euro MBA consulting business that helps candidates based in the EU, and particularly London and Paris to get into top B-Schools. Marge has retired (after making a ton of cash) from her MBA consulting business, and now just blogs about the (un)limited knowledge she has on MBA admissions in between taking holidays to exotic Euro destinations. Marge has a fairly decent record of consulting, she helped prep 25 Euro candidates who got into Harvard/Stanford/Wharton and about 125 Euro candidates in the top 10 International MBA schools. Ask these guys today, and they all are very grateful to Marge.

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