How I got into Oxford Saïd: Managament Consultant’s Tale

We present in this post the profile of a management consultant who got into the well-known Oxford Saïd for a 1 year MBA.

Candidate: “I’m a consultant for a renowned non-MBB management consulting firm in London. I applied close to the stage 3 deadline and was pleasantly surprised to have been invited to interview. I accepted my admit and will be matriculating shortly.”


Summary: 28 year old French white male, worked for a highly regarded non-MBB consulting firm in London. Undergrad in Finance from a French Grandé Ecole. 

1. GMAT: 710
2. GPA: 9.5/10.0 (French Scale), equivalent to a UK First Class Honours.
3. Work Experience: 51 months as a Consultant (2 promotions)
4. Employer: Renowned non-MBB Consultancy.
5. Extra-Curricular: Professional gymnast; Part-time French tutor.

Objective: “Transition into private equity”

Interview: “For most part of the interview, my career and objective was discussed. The interviewer took time to explain many aspects of Said – from classrooms to classmates. I had prepared for some questions before hand, but found this isn’t a good idea. Just be yourself and stay calm!”

How I got into Said MBA

Editor’s Analysis: 

9.5 GPA from a Grandé Ecole is very impressive. So is 2 promotions in the consultancy firm. Although the GMAT score of 710 isn’t too great, it’s easily above the Said average of 690. Great extra-curriculars: professional gymnast. Overall, there should have been no qualms for adcom at Said to admit you!


Author: Marge Simpson

Marge is literally the gem in our crown. Marge ran a Euro MBA consulting business that helps candidates based in the EU, and particularly London and Paris to get into top B-Schools. Marge has retired (after making a ton of cash) from her MBA consulting business, and now just blogs about the (un)limited knowledge she has on MBA admissions in between taking holidays to exotic Euro destinations. Marge has a fairly decent record of consulting, she helped prep 25 Euro candidates who got into Harvard/Stanford/Wharton and about 125 Euro candidates in the top 10 International MBA schools. Ask these guys today, and they all are very grateful to Marge.

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