My Tuck Interview Questions: From an E-Commerce Manager

I’m a Canadian E-Commerce tech/IT manager, looking to transition into product management. I was delighted when I got my Tuck Interview. The interview invite was all the more special to me as Dartmouth was an Ivy league US school. I’m sharing this on the request of the administrators of this site.

My Background: Canadian E-Commerce tech/IT manager. Got an undergrad from a top-3 Canadian University in Business. Have a 690 GMAT score and a 3.8 GPA. I stated my post-MBA goal as wanting to break into product management, building on my IT management experience. I’ve been on this job for over 5 years now, but managed only a single promotion.

My Interview Prep: I scheduled an interview on-campus, since I was travelling from outside the country I made quite a lot of logistical arrangements. Of course a Skype interview was available, but I wanted to visit Tuck and decide if this school was right for me, since I already had offers closer home. I did most of the basic fit questions, and especially concentrated on some basic ones such as ‘Why US MBA and not get an MBA in Canada?’ I was also told that even a slight amount of disinterest on my part may make me seem unlikely to matriculate and I may be wait-listed since some of these schools were concerned about yield – this was just hearsay.

Tuck Dartmouth Interview Questions

At my Interview: I met the second year student, who seemed much older than me. Our conversation was very casual, he inquired about my journey and how I found Hanover. As the interview progressed, I began to focus, and thanks to the cordial atmosphere which the second-year student created, I lost most of my nervousness. We spent quite a lot of time discussing my motivation at getting an MBA and attending Tuck in particular. There were some back-and-forth questions on these aspects. At the end of the interview I felt a lot relieved and pleasantly thanked the interviewer, who no doubt made my life easier I felt. After the interview, my respect and appreciation for Tuck grew. Anyway, here are particular interview questions:

  1. Tell me of an example in your E-Commerce career that required you act fast on a sensitive issue? What did you do and what precautions did you take?
  2. Why will your classmates at Tuck benefit in having you in class and learning with you?
  3. What are the clubs and organizations in Tuck that you are looking to join if you happen to be accepted?
  4. Why is Tuck in a great position to help you to reach your stated post-MBA goal?
  5. How would you cope up with having to move from your home country to do an MBA?
  6. Narrate one incident where your leadership skills came to the fore? How did you distinguish yourself as a leader that day?
  7. What two skills/qualities of management do you think are most important and why? Did you get a chance to inculcate these qualities/develop these skills in your professional life?

Result: I was delighted to know that I had made it. I did have offers back home, but turned them down to matriculate at Tuck.

Author: Homer

Homer has an MBA from a top-three US B-School. An Indian engineering graduate from a non-IIT (IITs are Indian equivalents of our tech schools such as Caltech and MIT), Homer is hope for all non-IITians looking to get into Harvard/Wharton/Stan. Homer has a BE degree in mechanical engineering from a college in the south Indian city of Bangalore. Homer says that he was never a great student in his earlier days or at engineering school. What then worked in his favor? Well he founded a mechanical engineering startup after working for a couple of years at a renowned German automobile company. Homer has the longest pre-MBA work experience in our family - 4 yrs at his first job in a no-name mechanical engineering firm + 2 yrs at the German automobile maker + 3 yrs at his startup. Homer sold his startup back to his former employer and is now a top consultant (MBB consulting). Watch out for posts by Homer (to avoid them, of course!).