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engineeringmba.com is a non-profit blog, with 10 regular and about 15 guest authors spanning several nationalities (American, British, Indian, Australian, Canadian and Japanese). All of us have an MBA from a top MBA School (mostly US, sometimes European). Unlike other helpful blogs for MBA aspirants, we don't have an in-house MBA admissions consulting business. We are'nt looking to sell any product/service through this blog. The principal aim behind our blog is to democratize and demystify the MBA admissions process. An excellent example of such an attempt is Harbus' publication '65 Successful MBA Admission Essays at Harvard Business School'. We are looking to take this to the next level and see if we could get more information from candidates on all business schools. The information shared by past applicants is made available to prospective applicants without any additional cost.

Given the diversity in our profiles, people often ask us how we came together for a non-profit blog on MBA admissions. The plan for engineeringmba.com was hatched in a NY subway! Homer met Clancy and Lisa on his way back home from work. One thing led to another, right upto the launch of engineeringmba.com! There's a lot of things we want to be, but one thing we most certainly don't want to be is a closed group - we invite any and all of you (mostly knowledgeable MBA admissions experts) to write for engineeringmba.com. If interested do drop a message on admin@engineeringmba.com.

How do you get access to successful essays and interviews?

The greatest success that we have been able to achieve so far are concrete interviews and essays of successful applicants. We leverage our professional networks to bring to you interview debriefs and successful essays that are otherwise unlikely to be published. In many cases successful MBA candidates are within the reach of our professional networks (IB and Consulting) and are happy to help. Due to the sensitive nature of information provided, almost all candidates have requested that the debriefs they provide may be edited to remove any personally identifiable information. On the other side, we always are respectful of B-Schools and try to ensure that we don't inadvertently publish content that may have been prohibited as part of that B-School's admissions policy. In any case we wouldn't like to hide under a blanket of anonymity - we'll oblige to any reasonable requests made by B-Schools in case they believe that some information made available on engineeringmba.com must be removed. Please email admin@engineeringmba.com and we'll revert to you in a couple of days.

On our Analytics Tools

There's been quite a lot of (mostly positive) buzz about our analytics tools - MBA Chances Predictor, Post-MBA Salary Predictor and the Ideal GMAT Predictor. Maggie, a product manager at a tech-giant is behind these tools. Chances are you have already used tools developed by Maggie's team (*nudgenudgewinkwink*). Some of our younger team members have benefited immensely from profile analysis of celebrity MBA consultants such as Sandy Kreisberg and his 'Handicapping your Elite MBA Odds' series on poetsandquants.com. We reflected how useful these were, but we realized that this was almost impossible to accomplish, since we're all MBA students and can only speak about our own successful essays/interviews and not predict/comment on someone else's chances like MBA Admissions Consultants. Maggie, with her big data expertise, suggested that it was possible to use big data methods and in particular neural networks to get probabilities/chances of a prospective candidates success given some data from the candidate and hence was born MBA Chances Predictor. Post-MBA Salary Predictor, at least as a concept has stayed around for a bit - the first such post-MBA salary predictor was introduced by GMAC on mba.com. In our version of the tool, we have made several improvements thanks to our massive scraping capabilities of publicly available data on the internet. While there's no such thing as an'Ideal GMAT' and GMAT is just a data point in one's MBA application, we went ahead and introduced the 'Ideal GMAT' tool, which essentially assumes that GMAT can compensate, to a certain extent, some weaker points in one's application. This has been slightly controversial and we are considering revising/updating the tool.

Run-down of Regular Author Profiles at EngineeringMba.com

Number of Authors10
Average GMAT736
Average Pre-MBA Work46 Months
MBA Schools Represented**Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, INSEAD, Fuqua (Duke), Said (Oxford), Kellogg and Booth
Workplaces**McKinsey & Company, Goldman Sachs, Nomura, Bain & Company, JP Morgan, BCG and a well-known Oil Explorer

Maggie is the tech chick who bosses around all of us. Got an MBA from a top-3 US B-School. Maggie has an unbelievable 790 GMAT, though we hear there are a couple of 800 GMAT scores. Maggie worked as a product manager at a very well-known tech company with products so ubiquitous, that you are likely to have used a product developed by Maggie's team. Maggie then joined an MBB consulting firm, advising some of the most popular tech-giants at Silicon Valley. Maggie comes from humble beginnings, raised by a single American mother, father a deceased war veteran. Maggie's is an awe-inspiring rags-to-riches story. In other news Maggie is also behind our famed analytics tools.

Carl is your quintessential American capitalist. Undergrad at an American Ivy, Got into a top-3 US MBA program and is now an investment banking Director like Marge. The only difference is that Marge didn't have it easy, for Carl of course, it was all in natural succession. Carl is the cool guy, who goes out of his way to get us those interviews and essay debriefs. Sometimes we reach out to a candidate to help us by giving an essay or an interview debrief - we don't get a response. Carl reaches out and 'tis done! We've always wondered what Carl promises candidates in return for their essays and/or interviews. Well, as long as he gets it done, who cares?

Homer has an MBA from a top-three US B-School. An Indian engineering graduate from a non-IIT (IITs are Indian equivalents of our tech schools such as Caltech and MIT), Homer is hope for all non-IITians looking to get into Harvard/Wharton/Stan. Homer has a BE degree in mechanical engineering from a college in the south Indian city of Bangalore. Homer says that he was never a great student in his earlier days or at engineering school. What then worked in his favor? Well he founded a mechanical engineering startup after working for a couple of years at a renowned German automobile company. Homer has the longest pre-MBA work experience in our family - 4 yrs at his first job in a no-name mechanical engineering firm + 2 yrs at the German automobile maker + 3 yrs at his startup. Homer sold his startup back to his former employer and is now a top consultant (MBB consulting). Watch out for posts by Homer (to avoid them, of course!).

Marge is literally the gem in our crown. Based in London, Marge has an MBA from a top-three US B-School and recently became a Director at a bulge-bracket investment bank. Marge did her undergrad in business from a non-Ivy US school. As an interesting aside, Marge mentored several candidates based in the EU, and particularly London and Paris to get into top US B-Schools. Ask these guys today, and they all are very grateful to Marge. Marge has a special distinction: she's written LORs for 12 candidates, out of which 11 candidates got into their first choice MBA school (Mostly a top-3 US B-School). The 12th candidate got into Booth.

RichTexan is an oil baron with a penchant for spamming. RichTexan did his MBA at a top 10 US school (wait! don't stop reading yet, top 10 is still good) after an undergrad Petroleum Engineering degree at a US public school. RichTexan has a pre-MBA work experience of 6 years at a well-known oil exploring conglomerate. After a brief stint at a (non-MBB) consulting firm, he now works as a 'field manager' (whatever that means) at an even larger oil explorer in the US. With the rapidly falling oil prices, RichTexan is disconcerted that his colleagues whom he dumped in the consulting firm are doing better. His posts are characteristic of this loss.

Bart, without him our average GMAT would have been north of 750. An Aussie banker prior to MBA, Bart barely made it into a top 10 US MBA program and is now into consulting. Bart is our MBA jobs guy who is best suited for MBA jobs advise since he struggled quite a bit to get a job in the US out of B-School. Now he's got about 4 promotions (post-MBA) in 6 years and made 2 switches across banking and management consulting. Bart also has the unusual distinction of working on both sides of the investment bank Chinese wall (in different gigs of course!). Bart is a typical Australian, known for his great adventurous spirit (he made us write this).

Moe is our confused European cousin, who got a fancy 'international MBA' from one o' them, European B-Schools. Moe was a student representative at his MBA program and has represented his B-School at several admissions events. For a living, Moe is a senior consultant at a MBB-Consulting European branch (not London). Moe is French - and is a food-connoisseur (sorry for perpetuating a silly stereotype), tasting and critiquing cuisines and food around the world. Moe met Homer at an Indian eatery and they've since become close foodies. Moe usually takes care of the B-School review articles - one of the reasons why our reviews are structured like eatery reviews on just-eat!

Clancy is a swanky Londoner, with a 750 GMAT and an MBA from a well known European B-School. Clancy works for a bulge-bracket investment bank in London and is revered in the forex circles in London. Though young, Clancy is already professionally acclaimed for his exploits. Clancy comes with a fresh perspective on B-School admissions and is for us an indispensable resource - especially if we need some place to crash-in when in the old country.

Lisa got her top-3 US MBA, coming from a less popular and unusual background: Lisa is a Japanese origami artist with deep knowledge on Asian cultures. Lisa studied the Japanese art-form and spear-headed cultural exchange programs that helped young artists learn more about the Japanese artistic culture. Lisa has won several honours from the Japanese Government for her work, and is now a consultant at the Japanese branch of an MBB-consulting firm, specializing in aspects such as cultural and linguistic advise and brand-image perception for western MNCs looking to enter emerging markets. Lisa got into the top-£ US MBA program with a fairly low GMAT and fairly low GPA (the exotic background obviously helped), and hence brings a very fresh MBA admissions perspective to the table.

Jimbo is a Canadian healthcare technology consultant working at an MBB-consulting firm. Jimbo was a superstar candidate in that he got admits from all 3 top-US MBA schools and hence had a difficult time choosing the one he finally matriculated in. Jimbo has worked on voluntary aid missions in Afghanistan and Nepal. Jimbo has a pretty great profile with both a high GMAT and a high GPA. With a Computer Science engineering degree from a top-Canadian tech school, JImbo is quite into tech start-ups. Also a skilled web-master, Jimbo designed single-handedly most of our website. Jimbo first met Maggie, when Maggie's company (the tech-giant) bought Jimbo's. Jimbo is the richest on our team - but how does it matter - he's Canadian!

(Don't judge our advise based on the quality of our humor)
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